You need to wear something light when you are having fast life style

The LiteWear understands your needs and has invented a range that is best suited for modern life style.

Ultra Light :

LiteWear lenses are lighter than normal plastic lenses as the specific gravity of normal plastic lens is 1.31 compared to that the specific gravity of Lite wear is 1.20 . This allows your spectacles to provide maximum comfort on your face. It is so light on your face that it makes you forget you are wearing lenses .

UV Protection :

LiteWear lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection against fluroscent light and other digital sources thereby ensuring greater protection from potential damage

Complete Protection :

LiteWear lenses are more stronger than ordinary plastic lenses . They flex but do not break under impact that would easily shatter ordinary plastic lenses .

Ultra Thin and Ultra Flat :

Litewear lenses are thinner than normal lenses. Their unique lens design is flatter than ordinary plastic lenses. So it gives you a natural and aesthetic look.


LiteWear lenses are treated with scratch resistant material resulting in sharpness and comfort in vision with higher light transmission and suppression of unwanted reflection and glare from the surface of the lens . It’s specially designed double - sided and scratch resistant coatings increases the longevity of your lenses .